Residential Services

We offer a full service of residential work: painting, installing trim, roofing, siding, cabinetry, flooring, showers, windows, doors, and drywall. In addition, we specialize in space renovation (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms) and insurance restorations (fire, flood, wind damage, natural disaster). We work with all insurance providers on behalf of our customers.

Commercial Services

We assist many businesses, apartment complexes, institutions, Greek houses, and other commercial establishments with their construction and repair needs. We provide services such as painting, cabinetry installation, drywall, flooring, doors, trim, and complete renovation.

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We have worked with many families who have been interested in remodeling their outdated homes to create a more enjoyable atmosphere.  We have also helped businesses revamp their offices to meet their needs. We are here to help with projects of all sizes. No matter how small or big. We are here to exceed your needs and make your life more enjoyable.


When tragedy strikes our homes, sometimes we don't know what to do. The process of filing claims to restore your house to a home can be a long and frustrating process. However, we can work with your insurance companies to help your family regain your lost memories.

Custom Homes Service

Custom Homes

Here at McKee Construction, we know what beginnings look like. We would love to begin a journey with you and be a part of building a new custom home.  If you're interested, please send us a message with any questions or concerns you might have.  It's an exciting thing to start a new beginning. I hope we can be a part of helping build memories for you and your family.